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KCC SE IB PYP Elementary School

Imagine how much more your child would benefit from a high-quality education in a fully accredited, individually focused VPK – 5th International Baccalaureate®  (IB) PYP school with smaller class sizes.  Consider how much better they would learn if they weren’t just another student in a large school with hundreds of other students in their grade […]

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Community Service Guidelines

Florida Academic Scholars Award, Florida Medallion Award, Gold Seal Vocational Award Bright Futures To access an award through the Bright Futures Program, a student must complete a program of community service work, as approved by the school, which will require the student to identify a social problem that interests him or her, develop a plan […]

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Letter: Kudar Career Assessments For Students

Dear Parent/Guardian:  KCC Prep. High School is committed to helping students prepare for the future and to providing resources to foster their success. We believe that when students are given the opportunity to learn about careers, they are better able to connect coursework to the world of work and set goals for themselves. To this […]

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A Letter From Your Counselor

A LETTER FROM YOUR COUNSELOR I greatly enjoy working at KCC Prep High School and being part of the KCC family and educational team. I have been part of the KCC family as a parent for the past 5 years as both of my sons are students at KCC schools. I have been blessed with […]

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KCC Southeast Middle (MYP Candidacy School)

KCC Southeast Middle (MYP Candidacy School) Kid’s Community College® Southeast Middle Charter School (KCCSEM) is a MYP Candidacy School that is a natural extension of the fully authorized IB elementary school.  KCCSEM provides middle school students with a high-quality, IB MYP focused individualized education by offering a proven system of learning taught to their specific […]

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Program Overview and Offerings

KCC Prep’s rigorous programs are designed to provide multiple pathways to success after high school. No matter what your future holds, KCC Prep has just the right academic programs to provide a competitive advantage over your peers. Our NAF academy of IT provides pathways to career, while our College Prep Track prepares students for a […]

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Check Out The Benefits of The NAF Academy at KCC Prep

A growing number of America’s top companies have committed to NAFTrack Certified Hiring, a promise to give special consideration to college students and eventual job applicants who, as high school graduates, earned the NAFTrack Certification.  Together, NAF and corporate partners crafted the pioneering NAFTrack Certification which will be used to signify students as NAFTrack certified. […]


KCC Prep Students Get Nudged Towards Greatness Daily

Every day KCC Professors encourage its scholars using subtle cues designed to get them to make better decisions, think more critically and encourage productive behaviors.  Nudges alter student behavior in a predictable way without restricting thought, creativity or choices.  Whether using Nudge Cards™, positive affirmations written on student desks, recognition assemblies or student-led videos, post-it […]