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What is the Enhancement Contribution?

Kid's Community College® Charter Schools are tuition-free, 501c3 not-for-profit public schools of choice. Since only a fraction of the school’s funding comes from federal, state or local sources, it is necessary to supplement the school financially to ensure the high level of quality education we strive to provide for every student.

The Kid’s Community College® Cougar Roar would be silenced if not for the generous support of our donors – those who share our desire for a better quality education for all students. Your voluntary participation in the Enhancement Program helps us meet our operational budget, improve our learning environments and provide each student with supplemental educational services that typically exceed District and State requirements. Please help us continue to provide the highest possible level of personalized instruction by pledging and following through on your gift.

Are Enhancement Donations Mandatory? Do Enhancement Donations Affect a Child’s Enrollment

No, all donations are voluntary. A TAX DEDUCTIBLE* GIFT IS REQUESTED, NOT REQUIRED. Donors decision to participate and the amount contributed each year does not determine whether a child is accepted or continues enrollment at Kid’s Community College®.

The yearly goal for our Enhancement Contribution Drive is 100% participation among families to generate the support needed for our children’s’ education. We encourage every family to give as generously as possible. Every gift, whatever the size — is gratefully received. A commitment and follow through from each and every donor is a powerful demonstration of the KCC Community putting its values into action.

Why Should I Give?

Giving means different things to different people. Ultimately, though, donating to KCC signifies that you share in a commitment to building a stronger academic foundation in the communities we serve and are dedicated to community enrichment through a higher-level of individualized student education no matter the socio-economic or other conditions that might affect access to high-quality educational systems.

Are My Donations Tax-Deductible?

Kid’s Community College Charter Schools are charitable organizations and meet 501c3 guidelines. Generally donations made are tax deductible. For more information on tax deductibility consult your tax professional or IRS exemptions, see IRS: Tax Information for Contributors.

How Can I Pay for My Donation?

Payments for donations or pledges can be made online at MyKidscc or at any KCC charter school campus.

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