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This spring KCC Prep will field for the first time a soccer team that will play in the West Florida Flames Brandon, FL Rec League. The fee for registering is 120 dollars payable to the league not to KCC.

Steps to register

This is an over 14 league that plays 8 aside soccer on a 75 by 50 yard field with full size goals.

The games will start in middle of April and will last for 6 weeks.

We will keep 14 players on our roster and any additional kids are encouraged to register for the Rec League and will be placed on other teams. However, all KCC Players playing the rec league are welcome to the practices at Rivercrest HOA soccer field off of Symmes, Rd in Riverview.

This spring soccer is being viewed as a development opportunity for next year where, fingers crossed, KCC will be playing as a FHSAA soccer team. However there are several i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed for this to help. The goal is have this a reality for next year but who knows what curveballs the FSHAA might throw at us. Again, fingers crossed.

On this page  I will place video of certain drills and other soccer related stuff that will help the kids develop for this and next year. However, when we show kids skill development drills, it is assumed that they will work on them outside of practice and even during the summer. The best way to get better is to be a gym rat, rink rat, range rat, batting cage rate, soccer wall rat…. etc. It is the time spent playing a keyboard away from the piano teacher that accelerates development of skill and feel.

As a way to prevent those with performance anxiety issues, I often like to teach many skills by feel rather than recipe.   It can greatly reduce the potential points of worry if there are no fixed positions to worry about. Once they have the flow mastered at a certain level then we can nip and tuck mechanics to "squeeze that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube"  Teaching by feel also teaches the kids that failure is an accelerant to learning skills and feel.

I will post an article outlining more of my coaching philosophy.

Examples of Total Football

1988 Netherlands

Examples of Total Football

2012 Ajax (Netherlands(

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