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KCC SE IB PYP Elementary School

Imagine how much more your child would benefit from a high-quality education in a fully accredited, individually focused VPK – 5th International Baccalaureate®  (IB) PYP school with smaller class sizes.  Consider how much better they would learn if they weren’t just another student in a large school with hundreds of other students in their grade […]


PYP Attitude of Cooperation

Kid’s Community College Southeast is an authorized IB world school.  International Baccalaureate schools have a positive impact on students as well as schools by incorporating learning beyond the classroom.  IB offers an innovative approach to education by focusing on student centered learning.  We are focused on increasing overall rigor, academic standards, and 21st century skills […]


Life Long Learners

We are very proud that KCC Southeast is a community of life-long learners that has built a collaborative sprit that fosters inquiry-based learning.  Our goal is to promote and develop responsible, active and reflective citizens of the world, in other words, internationally minded individuals.  I firmly believe that our parents are the most influential teachers […]