Check Out The Benefits of The NAF Academy at KCC Prep

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A growing number of America’s top companies have committed to NAFTrack Certified Hiring, a promise to give special consideration to college students and eventual job applicants who, as high school graduates, earned the NAFTrack Certification. 

Together, NAF and corporate partners crafted the pioneering NAFTrack Certification which will be used to signify students as NAFTrack certified. This rigorous and comprehensive assessment system evaluates students on career-related coursework and internship performance. 

These companies’ recognition of NAFTrack Certification makes it a true differentiator in the hiring process, as it holds real value to both the applicant and the employer. With millions of unfilled jobs in the US – particularly in STEM fields – this partnership between education and business is key to closing the skills gap and improving how we prepare and train Americans for work. 

NAF partners are committed to meaningfully recognizing NAFTrack certified graduates in otherwise equally qualified talent pools by providing their selection of NAFTrack benefits.  KCC Prep is proud to be one of only five NAF academies in Hillsborough County.