Digital 1:1 Campus FAQS

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What is the KCC Prep High 1:1 Program?
Every KCC Prep High School scholar is provided a school issued laptop. This device is designed to help improve learning and develop the 21st century skills vital to future success. This device is provided without charge at the beginning of each year and returned at year end.

Can my child use their own laptop at school instead?
No, each scholar must use the KCC-issued laptop while at school.

Can students choose which laptop they are given?
No, scholars cannot choose which laptop they are given.

Will there be any other costs of fees associated with the 1:1 program?
No there will not be any other cost or fees associated with the 1:1 program unless the equipment is damaged, loss, or stolen.

Are all KCC Prep High textbooks now electronic?
KCC Prep High selects its textbooks and course materials based on what best supports the curriculum. We are committed to adopting electronic textbooks when available and appropriate. Most textbooks will be electronic with the exception of a few. Accommodations may be made for students with IEP or 504 plans.

What happens if the laptop is damaged, lost or stolen?
The scholar is financially responsible for the full cost of a lost or stolen laptop, per the KCC Technology Agreement.

How often do students use the laptops?
Scholars will be utilizing their laptop daily in class. Laptops are used for classwork, textbook curriculum and research. Scholars must bring laptop and charger to school every day.

Are students still using separate calculators?
In future years we may be able to eliminate the need for calculators in favor of utilizing calculator apps. Currently, however, scholars are still allowed and encouraged to use separate calculators, as their work may not allow for the use of their laptop or device.

How is access to inappropriate web content monitored?
KCC Prep High School’s web filtering prevents inappropriate and/or malicious web content while scholars are connected at school. When connected to WiFi in other places, scholars have to use the Internet responsibly, just as they do at home. Parents are responsible for monitoring their scholar’s use of the device off campus.

Can students charge laptops at school?
The laptop is required to be at school every day fully charged. Charging stations are not provided in every classroom. Students should get into the habit of charging them overnight.