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IB Mission: "We aim to foster internationally-minded, lifelong learners who will help shape our global community."
District Staff

Servant Leader: Timothy Kilpatrick
tkilpatrick@kidscc.org ext. 411

Legal and Compliance Director: Joy Smith-McCormick
jmccormick@kidscc.org est. 402

Director of Guidance: Patricia Alvarez
palvarez@kidscc.org ext 259

Office and Human Resources Administrator : Annies Thomas
athomas@kidscc.org ext 403

Professional Standards and Compliance Administrator: Ternica Blackmon
tblackmon@kidscc.org ext. 288

Anne Tuff,  Information Technology Directory

Jose Kuhn, Instructional Technology Coordinator
jkuhn@kidscc.org ext 1214

Vickie Sanders, Procurement and Collections Manager


Marketing Department:


About KCC Administrative District Office

The Kid’s Community College® Administrative Office is a department designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of KCC charter schools by centralizing resources that can potentially be shared between schools, increase support to students, parents, professors and campus directors, while reducing overhead costs and increasing support in the efforts of the schools to improve student achievement. The KCC Administrative Office aims to increase collaboration and uniformity between the schools to strengthen the focus on providing the same level of high performance and service at each location, share and disseminate best practices, save funds and encourage overall school improvement.

Utilizing a centralized resource sharing format where possible, allows us to meet the increasing State and District demands by sharing such resources as the Superintendent, ESE, Professional Development, IT, Data Analysts, Bookkeeping and HR personnel while ensuring best practices and fidelity.

Unlike traditional district schools, KCC charter schools are all separate non-profit 501c3 entities, each with its own Governing Board. Some Board members may serve on the Boards of more than one school, but each school also has Board members from the local community. This balance allows for both a local and global view that encourages input and collaboration from all stakeholders.

As locally governed not-for-profits, KCC charter schools do not employ the use of Educational Management, Charter Management or other for-profit educational management organizations. In 2004, KCC Employees, LLC was established as an employee owned company for the purpose of grouping all employees of Kid’s Community College as a cooperative in accordance with F.S. 1002.33 (13) that recognizes each Kid’s Community College school as a member in the cooperative. KCC Employees is owned by and operated by the members for the benefit of those using its services. Under this cooperative structure, Kid’s Community College schools benefit from the economies of scale afforded to a cooperative of employees being recognized as a single cooperative, while separating some measure of direct employee related liabilities from the schools themselves.

KCC Employees is a cooperative membership and is not owned by any single individual and is member managed with employees of the membership providing the fulfillment of services for the good of the whole.

KCC District Headquarters

Our Address

11513 McMullen Road
Riverview, FL 33569
Phone: 813 - 699 - 4600
Email: info@kidscc.org

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