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Exploring advanced concepts through individualized learning


As a tuition-free public school of choice, the Kid's Community College® Doctorate I (Fifth Grade) Program culminates the 1st Degree Learning System™ Elementary School experience.

The focus of teaching and learning in the Doctorate I Program emphasizes understanding concepts, making meaning and increasing critical thinking. While students continue to absorb and store knowledge, they also learn how to find and organize many types of information as well as understand how pieces of information fit together in more complex ways, while associating the learning process with their individual learning styles. The past, the future, the natural world, the physical world and the interweaving of human motivation and events strike Doctorate I students as absorbing and relevant. They are freshly aware of the larger world and of their heightened ability to make sense of it.

Our Doctorate I curriculum is rich in content and activity, and students will enjoy the many high points of the year. Equally important will be the attitudes and skills students will gain and practice. These are the habits of mind, begun now, that will continue to open doors to research, communication, performance, and life-long learning and enjoyment.


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