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Introducing a love of learning in a nurturing environment


Part of our Undergraduate Program, the Freshman II Program extends the Freshman I program and introduces students to basic academia in a loving and nurturing environment.

Toddlers have the need to feel safe, secure and loved while they are learning to explore the world that is unfolding before them. We continue to develop their love of learning early on by exposing them to an academic yet fun curriculum that infuses sight, sounds, textures and technology. Through a multitude of delivery methods students begin to learn basic colors and shapes, the alphabet and numbers 1 through 10. Your child's learning experience is individualized by our professors by use of our exclusive Individual Development and Education Plan (IDEP) process, which represents a collaboration with parents in the best interest of the student.

Our Freshman II classroom is designed with the active, busy toddler in mind. It supports a daily schedule balanced among active play, quiet time, independent explorations and small group interactions. Classrooms are set up into learning centers allowing toddlers to explore areas that are of interest to them and their individual learning modality. By limiting our toddler classroom to 10 students with 2 professors, our environment offers the utmost in personalized care, positive guidance and loving patience.

Our Professors are committed to creating beginning educational experiences that nurture, encourage and foster toddler learning by interacting with them in a loving and attentive fashion; reading lots of books, exposure to a variety of sound and music stimulus including classical music and earth sounds and providing a fun and intellectually stimulating learning environment. Our Freshman II program embraces the concept of individual exploration and provides natural challenges for the students to explore and conquer.

Program details...
  • NAC and NCA-CASI AdvancED Accredited Program
  • Credentialed or Degreed Classroom Professor
  • 1:5 Professor to Student Ratio (Max Class Size of 10 Students with 2 Professors)
  • Age-Appropriate Developmental Skills Checklist (Complete Quarterly)
  • Individual Development and Education Plan for Each Student
  • Loving, Nurturing Environment
  • Scientifically Based, Multiple Intelligences Influenced Curriculum


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