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Part of our Undergraduate Program, the Junior Program for three-year olds includes introducing students to foreign languages, advanced technology, music and a deeper submersion into verbal and mathematical concepts.

Professors provide more thematic and cooperative teaching methodology using differentiated instructional approaches. Students will interact with and explore a variety of learning environments. A continued emphasis on letters, numbers and reading remain a significant aspect of the curriculum as the integration of the Multiple Intelligences and our exclusive Individualized Development Educational Plans (IDEP) are combined with supports from our Core Knowledge Curriculum. As your student is developing, an emphasis on learning and displaying appropriate social skills is also encouraged. Professors are scaffolding student learning and challenging them more academically. Parents are encouraged to reinforce learning by providing academic challenges for students in the home environment.

Our three-year-old program features "learning centers" which include block centers, library corners, dramatic play areas, science, art, writing centers and manipulatives. Each learning center contains several types of exhibits, games, material and activities all designed to allow children to make choices, solve problems, work cooperatively and feel successful. In each area, the children are introduced to new concepts and ideas and are encouraged to explore their boundaries and challenge their limits.

Above all, we provide a warm, loving and nurturing learning environment where every student will celebrate diversity and feel happy and accepted. Our Professors create early educational experiences that nurture, encourage and foster learning by interacting with students in a loving and attentive fashion. The collaborative effort between and among Professors and parents is established from the onset of a student's tenure at Kid's Community College. Students are assessed and an Individual Development and Education Plan (IDEP) is created for each child - setting personalized goals for each student based on their individual needs. The IDEP is updated regularly and planned parent conferences are scheduled quarterly to ensure that every area of your child's development is being addressed.

Program details...
  • NAC and NCA-CASI AdvancED Accredited Program
  • Credentialed or Degreed Classroom Professor
  • 1:8 Professor to Student Ratio (Max Class Size of 16 Students with 2 Professors)
  • Age-Appropriate Developmental Skills Checklist (Complete Quarterly)
  • Individual Development and Education Plan for Each Student
  • Loving, Nurturing Environment
  • Scientifically Based, Multiple Intelligences Influenced Curriculum


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