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Part of our Undergraduate Program, our Sophomore Program for two-year olds broadens and continues student growth in the cognitive, social and emotional, fine and gross motor, and speech and language areas in an age and developmentally appropriate manner. Rooted in the fun, loving and nurturing concepts of the underclass programs (Freshman I and II), instruction is relevant and meaningful while providing a joyful experience for the student.

The Professors begin to better correlate student interests with preferred learning styles (verbal, logical, visual, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist). Once determined, educational experiences and activities are honed and designed to complement each student’s individual learning modality. Core educational/academic basics are strenghtened to include a wide range of numbers, letters, print-rich classrooms, advanced computer technology, music and other academic disciplines. These experiences prepare the student to comfortably transition to Junior status and the integration of our Core Knowledge curriculum and supports. Professor/Parent collaboration continues to be a centerpiece of the classroom activities and overall student success. We strongly encourage parents to read to their children regularly (every day, if possible), participate in the weekly work assignments and engage their children in technology mediums.

As with all of our programs, the Sophomore student's developmental domains are craftily interwoven in the Kid’s Community College Curriculum and Educational Philosophy. Early on, students in the Kid's Community College® program are assessed and an Individual Development and Education Plan (IDEP) is created for each student - setting personalized goals based on that child's needs. The IDEP is updated regularly and planned parent conferences are scheduled quarterly to ensure that every area of your child's development is being addressed.


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