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The Leave a Legacy Grant

The Leave a Legacy Grant can be used for college or vocational studies, to start a business or to supplemental finances for military service. A single grant is awarded each year and is awarded based on the following point system:

Photo Diary (10 Points)
Students provide photos of their Gardener Pot’s journey from the time received at graduation through the award.

Written Diary (10 Points)
Students provide a written journal of the care-taking experience. What challenges they faced in caring for their plant. How they overcame them.

Use of Funds (5 Points)
How will funds be used if awarded?

Social Media Engagement (25 Points)
The student who has the most shares, likes and engagements using the hashtags #KCCHSRIVERVIEW #KCCPREP #KCCLEGACY. All three hashtags must be used. All postings must be positive in nature and must not contain profanity or inappropriate material.

Why Do You Deserve the Grant (50 Points)
Student must submit an essay of at least 1,000 words (can be more) describing why they are most deserving of the $5,000 award.

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