Teacher – Health & Physical Education

Riverview, FL

Immediate Hire for KCC Prep High School

Florida Department of Education Certification:

  • Physical Education (K-12)
  • Health (K-12)

“Dedicated to the well-being and educational success of EVERY child.”

As a KCC Professor you will surround yourself with fellow educators, leadership and support staff who pursue our mission of serving EVERY student with caring hearts, subject area expertise, and a passion to nurture our students to becoming lifelong learners.

In a time when so many students feel like they are just a number, our small campus setting, with 225 students, offers KCC Professors the opportunity to have a true, positive impact on the high school experience of our students.

We are a family… faculty, students, parents, administration and our local community. We work together to help our students to recognize and reach their full potential through a strong foundation emphasizing character and values.

Under the supervision of the Campus Director, the Physical Education & Health Professor will develop, teach and instruct pupils in academic subject matter, social, behavioral, and other developmental and educational skill areas; will plan, develop, organize and conduct a comprehensive educational program for the grade; students; will assist students in areas of personal and individual development; will assist students in making appropriate adjustments prepare them for next grade level and to do other related functions as required.


  • Minimum of a Bachelors degree with emphasis in education or the specific subject area being taught.
  • Valid Florida Teaching Certificate or eligibility for Temporary or Professional Certification in subject area as required by the Florida Course Code Directory.
  • Expertise in subject being taught as evidenced by personal skills and knowledge, an undergraduate major or minor or graduate degree in the subject they will teach, or direct subject-area teaching experience.
  • Understanding of academic, social, and behavioral needs and characteristics of elementary pupils.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Principles, theories, methods, techniques, and strategies pertaining to teaching and instruction of elementary school level pupils.
  • Educational curriculum and instructional goals and objectives, and educational trends and research findings pertaining to comprehensive elementary school programming.
  • Behavior management and behavior shaping strategies, techniques and methods, and conflict resolution procedures.
  • Socio-economic and cultural background differences of the school.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Instructional Planning – Teach and instruct in Kid’s Community College; approved subject matter areas for comprehensive elementary school education program.
  • Develop Lesson Plans that allow and ensure attainment of Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards on grade level and beyond.
  • Individualize and adapt educational processes and procedures to enhance pupil educational opportunities.
  • Incorporate thematic units as developed school-wide.
  • Coordinate Lesson Plans with other Professors to maximize possibilities for teaching similar topics in the same general time frame, thus reinforcing student knowledge on an interdisciplinary basis.
  • Use interventions and strategies in their teaching/instruction to close the academic achievement gap for students performing below grade level.
  • Utilize an adopted core course of study, instructional program guidelines, and other materials in planning and developing lesson plans and teaching outlines.
  • Review, analyze and evaluate pupil academic, social, and emotional growth.
  • Prepare, administer, score, record, and report the results of criterion referenced tests, and administer, scores, records and report the results of group standardized tests in evaluating pupil growth and progress.

Service to Students

  • Enrich students indicating mastery of certain content to ensure their academic growth maintains expected pace.
  • Pursue a variety of approaches, including thematic learning, cooperative learning, differentiated, and multiple intelligence centered lessons in teaching and instructing pupils.
  • Provide a positive environment in which students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Conduct instructional activities utilizing a variety of educational equipment, technology, hands-on materials, books, and other learning aids considering varied socio-economic and cultural background as well as a range of mental and emotional maturity.
  • Maintain an effective learning environment through the utilization of exhibits, displays and independent study centers.
  • Provide instruction in citizenship and character development during all coursework.
  • Review, analyze and evaluate the history, background and assessment of pupils to best design instructional programs to meet individual educational needs including recommending students for additional services and monitoring progress.
  • Provide group and individual instruction to motivate pupils, and effectively utilize the time available for instructional activities.
  • Maintain appropriate standards of pupil behavior, using behavioral management strategies and techniques, including positive reinforcement and behavior shaping procedures.
  • Use interventions and strategies in their teaching/instruction to close the academic achievement gap for students performing below grade level.
  • Must show a talent for communicating with young children and encouraging individual academic achievement.

Service to Parents

  • Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, at least weekly, activities in the classroom (academic, social and extracurricular).
  • Respond to email, phone messages promptly and completely.
  • Update Grade Reports at least weekly and answer questions regarding same.
  • Attend meetings of Child Study Team as required regarding student progress (academic, social, behavioral).
  • Models professional and ethical standards when dealing with students and parents.
  • Routinely keep parents informed about their children’s academic progress.

Service to School

  • Assumes responsibility for meeting course and school-wide student performance goals.
  • Counsel, confer with and communicate with parents, school, Board and District personnel regarding pupil progress, and in the interpretation of the educational program.
  • Cooperatively pursue alternative solutions to ameliorate pupil learning problems, and to enhance expanded academic, social and emotional growth opportunities.
  • Perform a variety of non-instructional duties, including curriculum and instructional development activities, staff/Board/parent meetings, student supervision, and consultation activities.
  • Maintain and enrich expertise in subject area taught and teaching strategies.

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