Lower Elementary IB School Teacher

Riverview, FL

Grades: 1-3

Dedicated to the well-being and educational success of EVERY student!

Under the supervision of the Campus Director and/or IB Coordinator, the associate will develop, teach and instruct pupils in appropriate academic subject matter, social, behavioral, and other educational skill areas; will cooperatively plan at the grade and faculty Team level develop, organize and conduct a school-wide IB Programme of Inquiry; will assist pupils in areas of personal and individual development; will support and encourage creativity and enrichment of pupils; and to do other related functions as required.


Instructional Planning
• Teach and instruct in alignment with the IB Primary Years Programme curriculum framework, under the direction of the administrative team
• Develop inquiry-based lesson plans with grade level teammates that allow and ensure attainment of Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards or Common Core Standards – on grade level and beyond.
• Utilize knowledge of students’ learning modalities to create educational experiences that will engage and enhance student learning
• Teach through units of inquiry developed under the supervision of the IB Coordinator
• Attend and participate in PYP planning meetings under the direction of the IB Coordinator
• Work cooperatively as part of a grade level team to create units of inquiry under the supervision of the IB Coordinator.
• Follow all KCC-SE approved IB-PYP Essential Agreements
• Incorporate the IB Learner Profile and international topics into lessons on an on-going basis.
• Review, analyze and evaluate pupil academic, social, and emotional growth.
• Prepare, administer, score, record, and report the results of criterion referenced tests, and administer, scores, records and report the results of group-standardized tests in evaluating pupil growth and progress.
• Attend professional development activities as deemed necessary by the administrative team.
• Seek out innovative and low-cost/free supplemental resources from a wide range of sources to enhance student learning and provide IB unit related activities to students on a weekly basis
• Share resources on a regular basis to enhance trans disciplinary learning throughout the school


• Minimum of a bachelor’s degree with emphasis in education or the specific subject area being taught.

• Valid Florida Department of Education Teaching Certificate or eligibility

• Professional Certification in subject area as required by the Florida Course Code Directory.

• Expertise in subject being taught as evidenced by personal skills and knowledge, an undergraduate major or minor or graduate degree in the subject they will teach, or direct subject-area teaching experience;

• Understanding of academic, social, and behavioral needs and characteristics of elementary school level students.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Service to Students
• Enrich student learning through a wide variety of engaging activities that promote the development of higher order thinking and problem solving skills
• Follow an inquiry-based approach through trans disciplinary units of inquiry
• Provide a positive environment in which students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process.
• Conduct instructional activities utilizing a variety of educational equipment, technology, hands-on materials, books, and other learning aids considering varied cultural backgrounds, as well as a range of mental and emotional maturity.
• Maintain an effective learning environment through the utilization of exhibits, displays and independent study centers.
• Integrate character development into weekly lessons through the use of the IB Learner Profile and PYP Attitudes
• Review, analyze and evaluate the history, background and assessment of pupils to best design instructional programs to meet individual educational needs including recommending students for additional services and monitoring progress.
• Provide group and individual instruction to motivate pupils, and effectively utilize the time available for instructional activities.
• Maintain appropriate standards of pupil behavior, following best practices in behavioral management strategies and techniques, including positive reinforcement, reflection, and behavior shaping procedures

Service to Parents
• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, at least weekly, activities in the classroom (academic, social and extracurricular)
• Respond to email, phone messages promptly and completely
• Update Grade Reports at least weekly and answer questions regarding same.
• Attend meetings of Child Study Team as required regarding student progress (academic, social, behavioral).
• Model professional and ethical standards, including IB standards, when dealing with students and parents

Service to School
• Assume responsibility for meeting class, grade level, and school-wide student performance goals
• Model best practices in all areas and strive to be a leader in the IB educational community
• Counsel, confer with and communicate with parents, school, Board and District personnel regarding pupil progress, and in the interpretation of the overall learning experience
• Cooperatively pursue alternative solutions, that are in alignment with the IB PYP framework, to ameliorate pupil learning problems, and to enhance expanded academic, social and emotional growth opportunities
• Participate in on-going professional development activities and share knowledge gained with school faculty members in a professional manner
• Participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) under the supervision of the administrative team
• Act as an active team member to create and refine the PYP Programme of Inquiry (POI)
• Model professional and ethical standards at all times when dealing with peers.
• Demonstrate the ability to organize tasks, set priorities and meet deadlines, manage multiple tasks;
• Model good judgment and problem-solving skills
• Demonstrate flexibility and ability to respond appropriately to evaluation and changes in the school setting.
• Maintain a clean and organized classroom and assist with housekeeping duties as required to maintain the campus.
• Attend a minimum of two extracurricular school activities and two board meetings to support the school mission
• Seek out opportunities to enhance student learning through mini-grants, projects, community partnerships, and global IB partnerships
• Fully support Campus Parent Advisory (CPA) efforts that benefit the school mission and student learning

Service to Community
• Assist with the transfer of relevant data to appropriate community agencies.
• Models professional and ethical standards when dealing with the community
• Participates in school projects that enhance the local community

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