Is KCC Right For Your Family?


Decisions about where your child goes to school may be one of the most important decision you’ll make as a parent and can be difficult. It’s common and normal for parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right.

For some parents, the decision is simple. Their child goes to the local “day care” or traditional public school close to their home or in their allotted school attendance zone. However, more and more parents are looking further afield at options that best meet the individual needs of their children. Kid’s Community College® was founded on the principles of a parent’s right to choose the best learning environment for them.

What Types of Student Families are Enrolled at Kid’s Community College?

Our student families are made up of individuals who refuse to compromise on the quality of care and education that their children receive. People who recognize the long-term benefits of enrolling in and becoming an involved part of the school system their child attends. Parents who demand excellence from themselves and others and won’t settle for anything less when it comes to the well-being and educational success of their children.

Parental involvement at Kid’s Community College is not only an expectation, it is a requirement. We believe the more parents are involved and participate in schooling in a sustained way at every level (as advocates, decision-makers, overseers, fundraisers, volunteers, employees and at home teachers), the more beneficial the achievement and greater the impact. Since 2003, we have been able to prove that when schools, families and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer and like school more.

For decades community colleges have existed to prepare young minds to excel at a greater level-many times providing the 1st step towards access to institutions of higher learning. Kid’s Community College® is an extension of that basic concept. We exist to provide a community-lead alternative to traditional infant, day, public and after school care that not only meets your child’s needs, but also provides a high-performing, individually focused, activity based learning environment for your child. For this reason, all of our campuses are locally governed, providing the opportunity for unparalleled access and involvement.

If you’re looking to exercise your choice beyond the local public school, think about what will work best for your child’s characteristics, personality, strengths, needs and interests first. Then, give serious and honest consideration to how different schools’ cultures and values sit with your family values, involvement commitment and family life.