KCC PREP School Grades Announcement

KCC Prep Feature Image

KCC Prep is proud to announce we have earned a school grade of C from the Florida Department of Education, improving our grade by 15 points from a D last year. We were 3 points from a B and have already begun improvement efforts to ensure we get there. Thank you to our scholars, professors, parents, faculty and staff for the hard work, support, and commitment as we continue to climb to an A!

The school grading system is inherently complicated and complex. The grade we earned did not come easy– it does not come without hard work, dedication to excellence, commitment to student success, focus on standards-based instruction, academic performance and timely data-driven decision making. I am grateful to all members of our KCC Prep Family!

This year, we are keeping our eyes focused on a B, but will be relentlessly pursing the A! The rise to an A will not be easy, but we are certainly up for the challenge. After all, nothing worth having comes easy!

Yours in service,
La’Keshia Cook, Campus Director, KCC Prep