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July 16, 2019

It’s a highly anticipated day for students, parents, professors and administrators when the Florida Department of Education releases the annual scores for the Florida Standards Assessments. We at KCC are keenly aware that there is far more to a child’s education than how they perform on a test on one day in the spring, but it is important information and data by which public schools currently measured.

Each year there are great accomplishments to be acknowledged and celebrated. This year is no exception! Our K-2 Primary Team does amazing work every year that often goes unnoticed in the context of state school grades, but at KCC we are fully aware that the foundation they lay sets the stage for success for many years to follow. Our 3rd grade team continues to meet the mark every year. Their success is so critically important considering the mandatory retention laws in place.

For the last two years, our CIVICS team has performed above average. This year we are very proud to celebrate their 98% proficiency rate – the 3rd HIGHEST in all Hillsborough County Schools, public and charter. Of our students that earned a 3 or higher, 35 students earned a level 5! That’s 59% of all students tested.

We continue a stellar track record with a 100% pass rate on the Geometry EOC. We work hard to help our students accelerate and succeed and are proud of this accomplishment. In addition, our 7th grade students continue to perform at a high level, earning another 100% pass rate on the Algebra EOC.

Overall, 7th grade should be incredibly proud of their performance and achievements. They blew it out of the water in every single category from proficiency to gains to civics . . . Total points earned in 7th grade are 81% of the possible points … an INCREDIBLE accomplishment in every subject area.

A few other points of Pride and Notable Mention:

Overall, Riverview South Percentage points are up by 8%. That’s huge considering most school districts are celebrating fluctuations of even 1%.
There are 9 cells that make up our school grade. Every single cell increased over last year!
We targeted Learning gains as an area to improve this year in both reading and Math. I am happy to report that our learning gains were up in ELA from 51% to 59% and up in Math from 40% to 59% across all grades. Math learning gains were up in every single grade.
In the lowest 25% of student performance, gains were up in ELA from 43% to 49% and Math from 26% to 53%. This is a huge area of pride and is a testament to the individualized learning and hard work being done at the individual student level.
I am so proud to report that KCC South is an “A” school once again. More importantly, I’m proud of the work done with and by each of our learners. We congratulate our staff and students for the dedication and hard work that it takes to accomplish the goals being set and continually raised for us in Education. While we continue to strive to improve and will never settle for less than being an “A” school, we moreover celebrate the individual gains our students make each year and the commitment to continuous improvement.

As the summer progresses, we are finalizing our school improvement plan for 2018-19 to strive for improvements in every area – including operational, academic and culture considerations. While strong academics have always been our hallmark, we continue to embrace the holistic concept of educating the whole child in areas of scholarship, character and extra curricular interests, while placing a premium on student well-being and care. That is who we are. We always strive to be better and to listen to our student families and associates when making such considerations.

I am confident that 2019-20 holds more great things for the students, associates and communities served by the Kid’s Community College family of schools. Thank you for being our partner and helping us make this possible.

You can see your student results in grades 3 – 8 online by logging into your online report cards at: https://reportcards.sdhc.k12.fl.us/ using your student’s lunch number and Edsby password or your studnet’s lunch number, birthdate and PIN you were provided. If you need assistance with your PIN, you can contact the front office between 9am – 4pm. 813-671-1440