KCC South Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find a 10 minute video of Kids Community College Riverview South Campus Director, Karen Seder, going over some of the questions you might have as the new school year approaches. We’ve also highlighted some of the FAQs on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I view or obtain a copy of KCC South’s calendar for the new school year?

Our school calendar for the 2018 – 2019 school year has been posted on our website. Please note that we closely mirror Hillsborough County’s school calendar with some differences in the spring.

2. When does the school year begin?

Our school year begins on Friday, August 10, 2018. Although it is unusual to begin the school year on a Friday, we believe it will allow our students to get acquainted with their schedules and get the necessary supplies ready before we embark on a full week of classes.

3. What are the school hours for this year?

As our school hours have worked well for our families and the school, no changes have been made to our hours of operation for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

The hours are as follows:

  • Kindergarten through Grade 5 – 8:30 am to 2:55 pm
  • Grades 6 through 8 – 8:15 am to 3:25 pm

4. What is Open House? When will it be held?

Open House is when parents receive their children’s schedules and find out who their homeroom teachers will be for the new school year.

There are two Open House sessions available depending on grade level:

  • Kindergarten through Grade 5 – August 6, 2018
  • Grade 6 through 8 – August 7, 2018

Please note that the hours are typically from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, but are subject to change. We will communicate the hours for Open House once they have been finalized.

5. When are registration forms due?

Registration forms are due prior to the start of the school year which is Friday, August 10, 2018.

The most extensive paperwork we require is for our Kindergarten families. However, please note that we urge our Grade 7 families to ensure that immunization records are up to date as students may not be allowed to attend classes until their immunization records are updated.

6. How can I become a volunteer for the school? What are the requirements?

Volunteerism is needed and greatly appreciated by our students and staff. The requirement for the school year is 20 hours for each student within a family.

Parents who plan to volunteer during hours in which students are present will be required to complete and submit a Serve Form. Please note that a Serve Form must be submitted for any member of a family that intends to volunteer. The form(s) must be submitted prior to showing up on campus for the selected volunteer event in order to allow us the necessary time to complete the required screening process.

We encourage parents to participate in our Parent Advisory Group in which monthly meetings are held to discuss and manage board activities such as fund raisers and fun family and community events. As participants, parents may serve as Homeroom Parents who assist in communicating information, seeking volunteers and other activities as needed. Parents will be credited volunteer hours for attending these meetings.

Parents may also volunteer to assist teachers, chaperone field trips, work the car line in the morning and/or the afternoon each day or work in the cafeteria. We welcome and encourage any volunteer assistance parents can offer to further the success of our students.

We encourage parents who have a trade/skill that they would like to use in volunteering their time, to please let us know in advance as we can always use help with something.

We recommend that parents plan ahead in scheduling their volunteer hours in order to get them in early or before the end of the school year.

7. What fund raisers are scheduled for the upcoming school year?

Our CPA coordinates two major fund raisers within the school year. The first is our Cougar Classic Run which occurs in the fall and the second is our Golf Tournament which occurs in the spring.

We ask that our families participate in at least one these fund raisers per school year. You can participate in our fund raisers by attending the event, having someone attend the event on your behalf or assist in getting sponsors or donors for the event. There is always something to do, so please be sure to participate in our fund raising activities as we count on the money raised to support our operational budget for the year. Every dollar made is invested in our students success.

8. How will emergency situations be communicated to parents?

In the event of an emergency, we communicate via all available channels. We follow all Hillsborough County closings, so parents can check their local news or listen to the radio for information on school closings due to inclement weather or any other events.

In addition, we also have our own emergency plan in place. This year we will have a sheriff deputy on campus beginning on the first day of school which is August 10, 2018. This is in compliance with legislative guidelines required by the Safe School Act.

Our primary method of communication will be via email. Every Friday, parents will receive a Friday Focus email with important information regarding school activities, events and updates. We ask that parents ensure we have the correct email addresses on file in order for them to receive these weekly informational emails.

When parents send an email to a member of our staff, we ask that they allow us 24 hours to reply to their questions or concerns.

We encourage parents to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we also post important information on our social media pages.

In addition, we have a system called Parent Link which sends automated calls and texts to parents cell phones in the event of an emergency. We urge parents to ensure we have their current cell phone numbers on file, so that they may receive these important notifications in the event of an emergency.

9. How often are grades updated?

Parents can expect grades to be updated on a weekly basis.

10. How does the school lunch program operate?

We offer breakfast and lunch daily at a nominal fee or for free/reduced price for qualifying families. As a reminder, parents applying for our free/reduced price lunch program are required to reapply every school year. An application form for this program is included in the registration packet. Parents in need of this form should contact Ms. Claire in our Front Office if they should not receive one in their packets.

My Payments Plus is the site where parents can add money to their children’s accounts. Please note that meals cannot be served when there is no money in their accounts, so we encourage parents to check account balances on a regular basis.

11. Will uniforms be required for the new school year?

Uniforms are required and compliance to our uniform guidelines will be enforced.

Parents can find a detailed explanation of our uniform guidelines and enforcement practices in their registration packets and in their Parent Handbooks.

Blaze, our uniform vendor, is offering several on site sale dates this summer. Parents may purchase uniforms at their Tampa store location or visit their website to purchase uniforms online.

Please note that uniform bottoms can be purchased at any store or online as long as they meet our uniform guidelines.

This school year, jackets will not be allowed to be worn in the building unless they are uniform jackets with our KCC logo.

12. What are consumable fees?

Consumable fees are charges for materials and supplies that are in addition to the base curricular materials that are provided to every student.

Parents had asked that we provide them with one set of charges so that they are not asked for multiple fees throughout the school year.

These charges include fees for graduation, student workbooks, classroom novels, flash drives, experiment materials and any other materials needed depending on student grade level. These fees do not apply to basic school supplies.

13. What are the attendance guidelines for the new school year?

School attendance is mandatory by law. Parents will be required to call our attendance line to report the reason for their child’s absence. Parents should plan on providing a doctor’s note for any absences due to medical appointments or any extended absences.

Family vacations should not be planned when school is in session. Should the need arise for a special approval regarding an extended absence, parents are to directly contact the Campus Director, Karen Seder to discuss the circumstances of their request. Please note only the Campus Director can approve such requests.

We take attendance very seriously due to its impact on student achievement.

14. Are students allowed to take medication while at school?

Students may not bring nor take medications at school without bringing it to the Front Office, preferably our Clinic. Parents should plan to provide the original prescription and a labeled container.

Please note that even non-prescription medications will require a doctor’s note before they can be administered at school.

15. Does the school provide Before and After Care?

We do provide a Before and After Care program. Before Care is available starting as of 6:45 am and After Care is available until 6:15 pm.

Registration packets include information on how to sign up for this program. Please note that all parents will be required to complete an ICFL agreement in the event of an emergency in which they are unable to pick up their child on time. The form would authorize us to place their child in After Care until the parents arrive.

16. Who may I contact with any additional questions regarding KCC?

Should parents have any additional questions that were not addressed in our FAQs, registration packets nor Parent Handbooks, we ask that they contact our Front Office. Ms. Kelly, Ms. Claire and Ms. Jennifer will be glad to assist in answering parent questions. Parents may also contact the Campus Director, Karen Seder.