Letter: Kudar Career Assessments For Students

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Dear Parent/Guardian: 

KCC Prep. High School is committed to helping students prepare for the future and to providing resources to foster their success. We believe that when students are given the opportunity to learn about careers, they are better able to connect coursework to the world of work and set goals for themselves. To this end, your child will soon have the opportunity to use Kuder Navigator, an online system combining research-based assessment, portfolio development, education and occupation exploration and planning, and workforce preparation. 

The system opens the door to continued exploration by presenting direct links to career opportunities, postsecondary options, financial aid information, and other resources. With this information, exploration becomes more exciting and your child will better understand the future possibilities.

Here is a brief introduction to the assessments:

  • Kuder Career Interests Assessment® This helps your child discover career interests by measuring the everyday activities that he or she enjoys most. 
  • Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment® This is a highly reliable self-estimate of a student’s ability to perform work-related tasks. 
  • Super’s Work Values Inventory-revised Typically provided at the high school level, this helps your child determine which work characteristics and features of occupations are most important to him or her. 

The system aligns your child’s assessment results with career clusters and pathways in rank order, promoting occupation exploration with the greatest opportunity for satisfaction and success.

As a parent, you can play an important role in your child’s career development. The system offers opportunities for your involvement, including a parent account and other resources that will be shared with you soon. As a first step, please encourage your child to show you his or her online assessment results and review the related options together. As you discuss future plans, help your child set goals for their future. 

We anticipate having students begin using the system during the 2018-2019 school year. For more information regarding your child’s career exploration, please contact me, the KCC Prep. School Counselor.


Mrs. Alcantara, School Counselor

 Kids Community College Preparatory High School Charter