Life Long Learners


We are very proud that KCC Southeast is a community of life-long learners that has built a collaborative sprit that fosters inquiry-based learning.  Our goal is to promote and develop responsible, active and reflective citizens of the world, in other words, internationally minded individuals.  I firmly believe that our parents are the most influential teachers of our children; you serve as educational role models for your children. Please know we are your partners striving to develop your children as we teach the grade-level standards.  We value your ideas and feedback.

A trait of IB schools is to increase the sense of community and understanding of the world around us, one way we do this is through the IB Learner Profile. The profile contains a set of ideals that help to guide and focus our students and staff along the educational journey.  For students it contains the attributes and descriptors of type of learner we hope to develop through the program. For the staff and school, the learner profile inspires, motivates and focuses the work of the school as we consider how to enable and embed these attributes through our curriculum and daily lessons. The aim of the Learner profile is to weave these attributes throughout the day to help develop learners who are:

  • Inquirers Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers Communicators
  • Principled Open-minded
  • Caring Risk-takers
  • Balanced Reflective