Multiple Intelligences Inspired Learning


Kid’s Community College integrates curricula and age-appropriate, State aligned readiness criteria with Multiple Intelligence Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS) to develop Individual Development and Education Plans (IDEP) that are used to instruct to the unique learning modality of each student.

The MIDAS profile and IDEP serve as the BEGINNING of a dialogue that maximizes motivation, allows the formation of action plans to focus efforts and for the most effective instructional approach for the student. Our professors facilitate development, education and instructional experiences that maximize the effective use of strengths and target areas of developmental need to ensure optimal student success.

In the years since our humble beginnings, the Kid’s Community College model for high-quality early childhood education has become synonymous with excellence in individualized learning. Our growth and success has been customer driven and rests in one of our most treasured commodities – our youth. Our franchise offering is a natural extension of our desire to serve, while purposefully fulfilling an overdue business segment need. The response to our franchise offering has been great and we look forward to expanding our concept nationally.

KCC is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intellegences.

See what Dr. Gardner has to say about this approach to learning.