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Our Graduate (Kindergarten) Program is a tuition-free public school of choice that marks the 'entry' point for a student's academic life. Kindergarten is a fun place to learn, discover and expand early reading and math concepts. The integrated interdisciplinary language arts program uses a developmental approach to literacy.

Explicit phonics and comprehension skill instruction are balanced with extensive reading of both decodable texts and quality literature. In addition to explicit skills, children experience a wide variety of literary forms and genres in a program that emphasizes reading, writing and learning through individual multiple intelligences and thematic units. The program stresses fluency, comprehension, writing, research and inquiry with the goal of developing students who are truly lifelong learners, writers and readers. The classrooms are print-rich environments to help reinforce the sound/letter connection and word recognition. Whole class instruction, collaborative learning, small group instruction and individual instruction are used to build skills. Listening, Writing and Inquiry Learning Centers are favorite activities that the students enjoy along with the classroom library. The program is also enriched with the use of computers and relevant technology.

Kindergarten level math emphasizes the development and reinforcement of basic math readiness skills in order to move from the concrete to the transitional and abstract stages of thinking. Students explore numeration and counting numbers, operations and relationships of numbers, position words, patterns and comparisons, measurement and comparison, estimation, and problem solving strategies. Money, time, fractions and geometry concepts are introduced as well.


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