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As a tuition-free public school of choice, Kid's Community College® Specialist III (Third Grade) Program encourages students to use their multiple intelligences while expanding their creative thinking and deductive reasoning skills while successfully preparing them for standardized assessments (such as the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT 2.0), New Common Core Standards), which are administered towards the end of the school year. This allows students the opportunity to show the array of knowledge and skills they have developed over their early school careers. The curriculum in third grade includes reading, spelling, writing, math, science, research, oral dramatic activities, and cursive handwriting instruction as a part of an integrated and interdisciplinary aspects of the 3rd Grade curriculum at Kid's Community College Charter School.

Some of the objectives of the program include expanding the students' written and spoken vocabularies, comprehending and responding to written material, discerning the main idea and summarizing what is read, writing concise paragraphs and coherent stories and applying the rules of grammar. Appropriately planned book reports are required, using books that are at or above the third grade reading level and reasonable material for that child's reading ability.

Reading of various genres is required. Core words in spelling are the most frequently used words in writing. Students are accountable for these words in all written assignments including paragraph writing, expository writing and creative writing. The language arts program is enriched with the use of computers and supplemental instruction. Third grade level math works to make students aware of how mathematics is connected to their daily lives. The program continues beyond basic math to continue moving students through the transitional and abstract stages of thinking.

Additional concepts studied include geometry, measurement, estimation and problem solving.


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