Student Thrive When There is a Sense of Belonging

Home represents a safe place where you feel free to be yourself because you belong to a family unit that protects, supports and motivates you to achieve your potential. Belonging is that feeling you get when you are part of something meaningful, positive and rewarding. It is that same sense of belonging and acceptance that KCC provides to its students, parents, teachers and staff.
To understand why a sense of belonging is critical to have at school, it is important to know how it factors into the equation. Belonging or feeling connected promotes positive mental health, physical well-being and better focus in learning. Students who feel connected are less likely to develop behavioral problems, depression and other physical conditions associated with a decline in their well-being.  When students feel connected at school, they are comfortable, happier and motivated to perform at their best. By feeling they belong to something important, they strive for excellence in their education, artistic abilities and sports. When teachers are approachable they can connect and open the lines of positive communication. This communication helps students and parents feel that they can trust their teachers to listen and make every effort to help them succeed. By demonstrating positive relationships with students and parents, KCC promotes a cohesive family environment where everyone can feel a strong connection.
From the moment you walk through the doors of a KCC campus, you are met with big smiles and energetic greetings that demonstrate the importance for students and parents to feel welcomed at school. The cheerful hallways display the impressive creativity that is inspired by caring teachers and supportive staff members. The commitment of the teachers and staff is evident in their willingness to go above and beyond to help students succeed in their studies and personal growth. Students can be seen happily interacting with teachers and staff members due to their approachability and eagerness to help in any way they can. During school events, students show their excitement and gratitude for their school in their positive behavior and eagerness to participate/ interact with their fellow students and teachers. Throughout the school you will find anti-bullying signs and posters to remind students that bullying will not be tolerated. Students are encouraged to report bullying when they experience or witness it. This consistent reminder fosters a sense of security that is necessary for students to feel comfortable and happy to come to school each day. The supportive environment at KCC encourages respect, understanding, open-mindedness and friendship. This well-being allows students to focus on their success in learning, playing sports and developing positive relationships.
KCC encourages parents and family members to participate in school events/activities in order to stay well connected to how their students are performing, projects they are working on and what is happening at school. Family involvement is crucial to demonstrating to the students that KCC partners with their families to understand their needs and provide the support required to help them succeed in achieving all-round excellence. In addition to volunteering in the car lines, cafeteria and school events, parents may participate in CPA meetings and activities. Parents and family members who are interested in using a skill or trade to lend a hand are urged to advise KCC up front of their talents as all assistance is welcomed. At KCC the extension of family created by this partnership with student families is what helps students feel comfortable and at home in their school environment.
When students feel they belong, they are able to connect with their teachers and fellow students in a positive, productive manner. They are happier because they feel there is a place for them and that they are important. It gives them a sense of purpose that empowers them to strive for excellence in all that they undertake in and out of school. When students feel empowered, they believe in themselves and are eager to learn. This environment is what KCC provides to students and their families because belonging fosters learning, creativity and a commitment to excellence.